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Born and raised in Lawrence, KS, Dr. Michael Stuart was happy to open Stuart Chiropractic Health Center in 2004 for the residents of Lawrence, Eudora, Tonganoxie, and surrounding areas. Every day, he dedicates his time and skilled hands to helping his community achieve their greatest health and find relief from headaches, migraines, sports injuries, neck pain, back pain, auto injuries, and more. To do so, Dr. Stuart offers various treatment options at Stuart Chiropractic Health Center. These include gentle chiropractic adjustments, electrical muscle stimulation, intersegmental traction therapy, acupuncture, therapeutic exercise, and much more. And as he believes that patients of all ages and stages can benefit from holistic chiropractic care, Dr. Stuart is trained to provide pediatric and pregnancy chiropractic as well as treatment for senior citizens. He is also skilled in sports medicine.

Whether you are an Olympic athlete or just love to live an active lifestyle in Lawrence, Eudora, Tonganoxie, or surrounding areas, Dr. Stuart can help you stay on your feet and maintain athletic health. He takes every individual patient’s needs, condition, symptoms, and lifestyle into account to determine the best possible treatment plan. He will also work to educate the patient on steps they can take to promote healing and improve their overall wellbeing. With Dr. Stuart, you’re not just a patient in your journey to health, we will work together to get you where you want to be.  His care, compassion, and dedication have earned him several awards, including both the Clinic Excellence Award and Clinic Service Award from Cleveland Chiropractic College. If you’re looking for that caring individual to help you achieve your health goals in Lawrence, Eudora, Tonganoxie, and surrounding areas, Dr. Stuart at Stuart Chiropractic Health Center is the chiropractor for you.

At Stuart Chiropractic, our experienced chiropractor and friendly, knowledgeable staff bring the best quality of chiropractic care to Lawrence, Eudora, Tonganoxie, and surrounding areas! Whether you are familiar with chiropractic care, or a first-time patient, we will have you telling everyone you know about your outstanding experience!                

Through Dr. Stuart’s expert care, our advanced office, and caring staff, we provide you with the superior personalized care you deserve. We understand that some individuals may be apprehensive about receiving chiropractic care, because of this, Dr. Stuart tailors a custom, specific, safe, gentle, and efficient treatment plan of action to meet your needs, goals, and unique condition.                 

We hope you find our website helpful in learning more about our office, our chiropractic care, and how Dr. Stuart can change your life!                

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  • "I've been seeing Stuart Chiropractic Health Center for about 2 years. Dr. Stuart and Morgan are the kindest people in the field. The system they have in place is by far the most efficient medical office I have been in. He is patient when I don't follow all of his advice and most importantly, when I do follow Dr. Stuart's advice I walk, jog, work and live pain free."
  • "Dr.Stuart was my last hope for help with back and knee problems. After being in Lawrence since April of 2021 I have tried. Pain mgmt doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors with no results.
    After 2nd appt., back was improved ."
  • "I just wanted to share my experience with Dr. Stuart. I injured my back over the labor day weekend to the point I could barely walk. In fact I was in so much pain I could not even drive a car. After a professional consultation and gentle care Dr. Stuart has me back at work after just a couple of days. His continuing positive professional approach was much appreciated. Dr. Stuart was amazing."
  • "I started seeing Dr. Stuart regularly during my third pregnancy after experiencing a lot of discomfort and pain in my second pregnancy. I was skeptical that chiropractic care would make a differ!ence, and Dr. Stuart took the time to answer all my questions with grace. I cannot believe how good I felt throughout my pregnancy! It was my quickest labor. I continued to get adjusted regularly a few months after labor, and it really helped my body heal. Dr. Stuart and Morgan provide genuine, quality care for their people, and I can't recommend them enough!"
  • "Dr. Stuart was able to diagnose ITBS in my leg and was able to get me walking pain free in a very short while. I had never been to a chiropractor before and had no idea what to expect. Frankly, I was amazed, and I have not been amazed since David Copperfield plucked a flower out of my son' s ear. Now I go in every week to stay well. I enjoy going as Morgan and Dr. Stuart are warm and welcoming."
  • "We absolutely love seeing Dr. Stuart and Morgan! Every single time we visit they are always so welcoming and genuinely care about the patient's well being. My son plays club and HS soccer and was experiencing a good amount of hip/SI pain. After just a few sessions the pain was gone. He actually asks to go in for weekly appointments because Dr Stuart has taught him that "maintenance" is the key to feeling good! He is 100% right. I have seen a huge improvement in my son's level of play because his body feels so much better."
  • "Dr. Stuart and Morgan are wonderful and very accommodating. I feel like the doctor understands when my body is not quite ready to be adjusted – he allows me to take a deep breath and he continues with the adjustment. My adjustments are gentle, I don’t feel like he is trying to beat my body into submission, I appreciate this. Morgan is wonderful to answer questions, help with insurance questions and to simply talk about whatever is new. Visiting the office is always a pleasant experience, I highly recommend them to anyone looking for chiropractic care."
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Stuart for years and he is amazing in treating my chronic congenital back problems. Recently, I developed a case of vertigo along with high blood pressure, neck pain, tiredness and blurry vision with some occasional faintness. Dr. Stuart recognized my problem which was my neck was out of complete alignment due to an incident back a few months ago. After taking x-rays; he diagnosed the problem and all of the above physical problems were solved in a few treatments. I now have my active life back and would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Stuart as someone who understands the human body and can assist you with many of your physical ailments."
  • "I've been working with Dr. Stuart and Morgan on obtaining relief from an inflamed sciatic nerve. He is patient with my impatience and truly lives what he says: it's all about the patient. I will continue to be proactive with him as a patient for life!"
  • "Stuart Chiropractic Health Center is awesome! I go twice a week and have for many years. I wouldn’t be able to function without going in for an adjustment with having fibromyalgia. Dr. Stuart is very good at what he does, and is very personable and knowledgeable. Morgan, the C.A. is very nice and friendly, and always greets everyone with a smile. If you need an adjustment, I highly recommend Stuart Chiropractic Health Center."
  • "Dr Stuart has been treating my family for years and we all love him. He's not only a terrific chiropractor, but an outstanding man who knows his patients and treats them like family. Morgan is always so accommodating and friendly - she recognized us before we're even through the door. They are a great team and my back would not function as well without them. Their care keeps me from needing pain medication and corrects the problem instead of just dealing with it.
    I cannot say enough nice things about this practice. I highly recommend them!"
  • "I always feel so much better when I leave Dr. Stuart's office. My family and I have been going to him for many years. He listens to our concerns and takes the time to explain procedures to us. Morgan is great as well. She works hard at making sure the office runs smoothly and patients are well taken care of. If you are in need of chiropractic care, Stuart Chiropractic Health Center is the place to go!"
  • "Doctor Stuart is great and takes care of my family. His services are affordable, walk-in appointments are usually available with little waiting time, and he has an annual plan that is also great. If you are looking for a chiropractor, check him out!"
  • "Patient, Caring and Knowledgeable
    Dr. Stuart was patient, caring, and knowledgeable. He listened and responded to all my questions and concerns. He reminded me that healing takes time, patience, and care, on the part of the doctor and patient. I felt seen, and cared for."
  • "In my first visit I had a very warm welcoming and I could tell they really cared about my well being. Great staff and so is Dr. Stuart. I definitely recommend them."
    - Elvin
  • "Gentle and effective."
    - Anne
  • "It’s great to have a great time when getting taken care of by such great people."
    - Eric
  • "Have you ever had your sacro-iliac joint go haywire or your femoral nerve to go ballistic? Well, if you’ve had any of these or other nerve/joint/back/muscle pains, I heartily recommend Dr. Stuart."
    - Marvin
  • "Dr. Stuart Relived my SI joint pain when other doctors couldn’t. He is gentle and effective, and has greatly improved my quality of life."
  • "I went to see Dr. Stuart a couple of years ago when I hurt my back. Within a matter of weeks, not only was my back significantly improved and pain-free, but I felt much better overall. Everything from my sleep to my seasonal allergies has been improved. The office is a joy and I would recommend Stuart Chiropractic to anyone."
  • "Dr. Stuart gave me back a pain-free life! I was in constant pain with my low back, and had pain going down my leg. I’m a runner and am very active. I no longer have constant pain and can have an active lifestyle. He cares about his patients and is an outstanding doctor!"
  • "Dr. Stuart will change your mind about chiropractic care. His gentle, but effective techniques keep the patient coming back for years to come."
  • "At my first visit to Dr. Stuart, I brought previous pelvis/hip x-rays, which looked normal to the radiologist. Dr. Stuart’s expertise led to a correct diagnosis and successful treatment for my misaligned pelvis and complete healing of my years-long hip discomfort. Thank you, Dr. Stuart!"
    - Joyce
  • "After being hit by a drunk driver, I had issues with my wrist and back. Dr. Stuart treated my injuries and made my Personal Injury Claim process very smooth."

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