Back Pain Treatments

Back pain is a common problem. As noted by the Mayo Clinic, 80 percent of the U.S. population will experience it at some point in their lives. At Stuart Chiropractic Health Center, serving Lawrence, KS, and the nearby region, Dr. Michael Stuart sees the commonality of back pain as a problem and offers several services to help sufferers. 

Causes of Back Pain 

Back pain can occur if a person sprains a ligament or strains a tendon or muscle in the back. 

A herniated disc is another issue that could lead to back pain. It stems from a disc's shell tearing and the contents seeping through it. A bulging disc, on the other hand, happens when the disc's shell weakens, and the contents of the disc push on this weakened shell. In comparison, a herniated one is more likely to cause problems. 

Degenerative disc disease can cause back pain. With this chronic condition, the discs undergo age-related change from wear and tear.

Other possible reasons for back pain include the following:

  • Pregnancy 
  • Pinched nerve
  • Spinal stenosis 
  • Osteoarthritis

Diagnosing Back Pain 

When you visit our Lawrence, KS, office, the appointment begins with Dr. Stuart asking you to complete a medical history report. During the examination, our chiropractor will ask you any further questions, such as when the pain occurs and what worsens it. 

Our practitioner will ask you to move in certain ways to examine your range of motion and flexibility. Our chiropractor will also use his hands to feel for any swollen or tender areas.

If this isn't enough to determine the cause, our practitioner will order an X-ray or other imaging to get a view of the internal structure of your back. This can be used to diagnose or rule out other possible causes of back pain.  

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain

Dr. Stuart may recommend you receive a series of chiropractic adjustments. During these treatments, our chiropractor will ask you to lie on a table. He'll apply pressure to the vertebrae to optimize nerve function. 

Chiropractic exercise is another possible treatment. With this option, our practitioner will guide you through exercises to work the muscles and other soft tissues in the back. This encourages blood flow and can ease soreness and tightness, while promoting healing and lessening pain. 

You may receive spinal decompression for your back pain, which consists of our practitioner connecting you to a device that gently pulls your spine in opposing directions. 

At Stuart Chiropractic Health Center in Lawrence, KS, Dr. Stuart recognizes the severity of back pain and offers the aforementioned treatments and more. 

Contact us at 785-830-8166 for an appointment for natural pain relief. 

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