Needleless Acupuncture

Enjoy the benefits of needleless acupuncture in Lawrence, KS, after scheduling treatment with Dr. Michael Stuart of Stuart Chiropractic Health Center.

What Is Needleless Acupuncture?

Even if you’ve never tried it, you likely know what acupuncture entails. You probably know it as the form of traditional Chinese medicine that involves inserting needles into the body to relieve pain and offer relaxation. Although intrigued by the benefits of acupuncture, you may have held off on trying it because you would rather avoid having needles stuck in your body. It’s an understandable concern, and for many, it’s also the reason they have missed out on the benefits of acupuncture.

If you’ve avoided acupuncture due to a fear of needles, you should know that chiropractors now administer needleless variations of that treatment. Instead of needles, chiropractors can now use electric currents, lasers, and magnets to replicate the effects of acupuncture.

The tools used to administer needleless acupuncture may differ, but the treatment goal remains the same. When a chiropractor uses needleless acupuncture, they are trying to stimulate your meridian points. Stimulating the meridian points is critical to the success of acupuncture because the flow of energy inside your body would remain imbalanced otherwise.

Pain is already minimal with traditional acupuncture. The needleless variant of that treatment registers no pain whatsoever. You can settle in for treatment, allow the chiropractor to work, and experience no issues.

Now is the perfect time to experience the benefits only acupuncture can provide. Experience the benefits of needleless acupuncture firsthand in Lawrence, KS, after consulting Dr. Stuart of Stuart Chiropractic Health Center.

What Are the Benefits of Needleless Acupuncture?

Needleless acupuncture is a viable treatment option for anyone dealing with a variety of health conditions. Many of the people who opt for acupuncture do so to resolve their chronic pain issues. You can count on needleless acupuncture to provide the same pain relief. It can help alleviate the pain affecting different parts of your body.

This treatment relieves pain by improving your circulation and inducing the body’s natural healing responses. You don’t have to worry about side effects because of that.

Advocates of needleless acupuncture also highlight its relaxing qualities. Whether you’re dealing with stress from work or a lingering injury, you can expect needleless acupuncture to help you feel better. It can even improve the quality of your sleep.

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