Headache Relief

Headaches are a regular occurrence for some individuals. In fact, 45 million Americans suffer from this issue each year. They can be attributed to several different medical problems, but oftentimes, they have a lot to do with the patient's musculoskeletal system and lifestyle. At Stuart Chiropractic Health Center, serving Lawrence, KS, and the nearby region, our Dr. Michael Stuart believes in getting to the root of the problem to ease your headache pain and discomfort. 

General Information About Headaches 

Headaches are often caused by stress. However, that stress isn't always mental anguish. In some cases, the stress is from physical strain placed on the body. Nervous system dysfunction may lead to recurring headaches, as well. 

Diagnosing the Problem 

When you visit our Lawrence, KS, chiropractor for headaches, our practitioner will first begin by asking you questions about the pain and discomfort. Our practitioner will want to know the severity and type of pain. Part of the consultation of the visit also consists of our chiropractor asking about your lifestyle. The next part will include a physical examination that focuses on your shoulders and upper back to look for signs of stress. 

Treating the Problem Accordingly 

After your evaluation, our practitioner will determine an appropriate course of action for your headaches. While it may consist of one or more treatments, all of them will be natural and work with your body. They're known to cause few to no side effects, and all tend to be mild. 

Chiropractic Adjustments 

One possible treatment from our practitioner might be chiropractic adjustments. These work to realign the spine to optimize nervous system function. At the same time, this treatment alleviates any misalignments that could be contributing to your headaches. 

Needleless Acupuncture 

At our practice, we also offer needleless acupuncture, which has been shown to ease headache pain by triggering the release of certain hormones, like endorphins. 

How Chiropractic Care Helps With Headaches 

Chiropractic care works to treat the underlying cause of headaches as opposed to merely masking the symptoms. For this reason, patients receive long-term relief from headache pain. And what's even better is that the treatment is all-natural and doesn't contain any potentially harmful substances. 

At Stuart Chiropractic Health Center, serving Lawrence, KS, Dr. Stuart helps those individuals who suffer from headaches get to the source of their problem to find relief. And all treatments work with the body to target the root of the problem.

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